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Formed in 2010, Avant-Garde Trading continues to challenge the status quo in Brokerages. The days of having to choose between competent, experienced impartial service and cutting edge technology are over. Our team has decades of assisting our clients, providing value and insight. Whether you trade Stocks, Options, Exchange Traded Funds, Futures or Forex, our team is comprised of highly-skilled professionals with the experience you can rely on to navigate the Markets.

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Program Trading

Trade stock and option recommendations from various newsletter publishers. Please register with a newsletter below in order to get started with program trading. You must also have an Avant-Garde Account before you can start trading the subscriptions:

  • Bigalow Pivotal Cash Bonanza
  • BigTrends Afternoon Channel Trader
  • BigTrends Credit Spread Trader
  • BigTrends Earnings Explosion
  • BigTrends ETF
  • BigTrends FANG Options Trader
  • BigTrends Grand Slam Options
  • BigTrends Index Options Timer
  • BigTrends Index Options Timer Extra
  • BigTrends Options Shark
  • BigTrends Options Volatility Trader
  • BigTrends Smart Options
  • Brethauer Advisory
  • Brethauer WOLF
  • Bubba BAD
  • Bubba Life Program
  • Chambers CIT
  • Chambers Options Made EZ
  • Chambers P-Time
  • Chambers Retirement In 5
  • Czechin Currency Options Hotline
  • Czechin Gold Options Hotline
  • Czechin Oil Options Hotline
  • Dr. Duke Flying with The Condor
  • Dr. Duke’s Trading Group Alert
  • Fishback High Accuracy
  • Hughes Lifetime Income System
  • Hughes 6×6
  • Hughes Inner Circle Advisory
  • Hughes Lifetime Income System
  • Hughes Micro Cap Profit Alert Advisory
  • Hughes Wealth Creation Alliance
  • Hughes Weekly Option Alert
  • Humphrey Lloyd GML
  • Kirkland Automatic Deposit Method
  • Kirkland F3 System
  • Kirkland Merit Gold
  • Kirkland Merit Paycheck
  • Kirkland P3 Squeeze
  • Kirkland PEP
  • Kirkland Precision Strike
  • Kirkland Price Surge
  • Kirkland Price Surge 120
  • Kirkland Triumph Advisory
  • Kirkland Weekly Wealth Advisory
  • Market Turning Point
  • Options Secrets
  • Option Strategies Weekly
  • Oxford Club Lightening Trend Trader
  • Oxford Club Momentum Alert
  • Oxford Club True Value Alert
  • Rickards Currency Wars Alert
  • Rickards Strategic Intelligence
  • Rob Abel Options Magic
  • Rob Roy Option Axiom
  • Russell Sands Turtle Options
  • Schaeffer 4th Dimension
  • Schaeffer Champion Trader
  • Schaeffer Event
  • Schaeffer Leverage Trader
  • Schaeffer Options Under 5 Dollars
  • Schaeffer Overnight Trader
  • Schaeffer Players
  • Schaeffer PowerTrend
  • Schaeffer Volatility Trader
  • Schaeffer Wealth Builder
  • Schaeffer Weekly Options Trader
  • Stansberry Research Retirement Trader
  • SuperCycle
  • Swanson 4th Dimension
  • Verhaegh Market Pulse
  • Verhaegh Pulse Options Advisory
  • Verhaegh Win Trades
  • Verhaegh Zonal Options Advisory

Avant-Garde Trading is not affiliated with any financial newsletter or publisher, and do not endorse or warrant the content, services or products offered by any financial newsletter or publisher. Use of a financial newsletter and its services and products is at your own risk, and without guarantee or warranty of any kind from MoneyBlock or Avant-Garde Trading.

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The Avant-Garde Trading Team

Thomas Smith

In the financial industry for nearly two decades, Tom has a background in full service brokerage and option trading. From working on Wall Street, to the Chicago Board of Trade, Tom has trained many brokers and headed dozens of options trading programs.

Email Tom

Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer began her career at the largest hedge fund in the world, Man Financial, in 2005. Over the past decade, she obtained four licenses and honed her skill set in securities trading. Jennifer is Head of our execution desk.

Email Jennifer

Michael Zdenovec

For over fifteen years, Michael excelled as an institutional pit broker at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange managing sophisticated option strategies for some of the largest institutions in the world. Mike’s extensive knowledge of trading strategies is nothing short of a blessing for traders seeking strategy insight.

Email Michael

Jonathan Parr

With over fourteen years of experience in the financial sector, Jon has helped clients invest as an options market maker and a financial advisor. Jon’s financial advisor experience and focus on top-tier client service make him an integral part of the team.

Email Jonathan

Andrew Aronson

Andrew has over twenty years of experience in the financial industry, beginning his career in 1993. During that time, Andy acquired seven licenses and directed a trade desk specializing in options. His expertise extends to trading programs for one of the largest hedge funds in the world.

Email Andrew

Charles Aronson

Charles began his career in financial services in 1999 and holds three licenses. With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, Charles excels at helping all traders, from novice to seasoned, understand different strategies of trading.

Email Charles

Bryan Levin

With almost a decade of experience, Bryan focuses on options and foreign-exchange markets in order to serve his clients’ portfolios. Bryan is also considered a hedging expert in the industry. In the past, Bryan obtained three licenses and served as a senior trading advisor.

Email Bryan

Jordan Luckey

Aside from his five licenses, Jordan’s extensive network of services and professional relationships across the financial industry aid his efforts to focus on the investing needs of his clients. Jordan specializes in options and foreign-exchange markets.

Email Jordan

Natalie Beckett, Esq.

Natalie manages the business development and legal for the full service team. In addition to being a licensed attorney, Natalie brings a trained eye to business management and a continued focus on the implementation of ongoing educational services.

Email Natalie

David Gompert

David Worked on the floor of the CBOE, becoming a market maker in the IBM pit. Over the next twenty five plus years, David acquired nine licenses, passed the C.F.P. exam, acted as a Senior Registered Options Principal, an A.P. Principal in futures, and CEO.
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Free Educational Webinars

Free Educational Webinars

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Rob Roy

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Stephen Bigalow

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December 19th, 2017, 3:30pm CDT






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Join Bubba as he talks about how to use stock to exit an options position in this FREE educational webinar!


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